All you need to know about Smart ID online application

The South African smart identity card – known as a Smart ID Card – replaces the old green bar-coded identity book. Both are identity documents that serve as proof of a person’s identity. … Identity documents are issued to South African citizens or permanent residence permit holders who are 16 years or older.

First time ID applicants should note the following: (The 1st ID card is free)

  • You must be at least 16 years of age.
  • You must have your birth certificate.
  • You must have your parents’ ID cards.
  • You must have a death certificate (for deceased parents).
  • If accompanied by the legal guardian, they must have a legal document to prove fostering

Pensioners (at least 60 years old): The new ID is free for this category.

  • You must have the green bar-coded ID.
  • You must have your marriage certificate or divorce document

Adults below 60 years old who already have the regular IDs will also need to have similar documents to those of the pensioners. However, the process will incur a cost of R140 for this grouping. When making the application, everyone will be required to show proof of their housing address. Anyone who has previously lost the regular ID and wants the upgraded one should have a police statement when filing the new application.

Here’s how to apply for a Smart ID card:

The first step is visiting the Department of Home Affairs where the officials will assist you. To avoid long waiting hours, the department facilitates the acquisition of a smart ID card at banks. Which banks do smart ID cards? FNB, ABSA, Standard Bank and Nedbank are approved to issues out these cards. Their selected branches across the country facilitate the attainment of the document. The process is simple and is guided by the bank officials who are friendly and willing to assist.

In all the approved banks, the application process is standard. The Nedbank smart ID card application process is thus similar to the smart ID online application FNB. More details about which banks do ID cards are available in the Home Affairs e-portal. To successfully apply for the ID in the bank, you must be their client.

How to get a Smart ID online:

The process of ID application online has been simplified to allow navigation by all adults with the exception of the first-time applicants and pensioners. All you need is to access the eHomeAffairs platform. Through this official website, you can fill and submit the forms online, upload copies of the required documents, pay online and plan for branch visits for the collection of biometric data. The steps that are involved are;

Account Registration

You have to go to the Home Affairs e-portal. The system will ask you to enter your ID number to confirm eligibility. You will then navigate to the registration page to set up an account. Correctly fill in the relevant details and create a password you can recall. Fill in the three security questions and be sure to note the answers. The system will send you a one-time password to the mobile phone number you used in the contact details. Type the password, fill in the CAPTCHA and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Click on the mail-link to corroborate your account. The account registration process is complete.

Process of Application:

  1. Log in to your created account. Another one-time-password will be sent to allow access. The computer must have an already installed Adobe Flash Player for this. Choose the Smart ID card application option and whether or not it is the first application for the same.
  2. The navigation will take you to the official application form where you will enter all the required details. These include your official names, citizenship, physical address, marital status and the approved location from where you wish to collect the new smart ID.
  3. Where necessary, you will upload scanned copies of your official documents including the birth certificate. In case the scanned copies are not asked for on the site, carry them when you visit the bank or Home Affairs office to complete the process.
  4. Next, make the EFT payment. To do this, fill in all your bank details on the portal. Using your phone application or via your bank’s website, complete the payment of R140. If you wish, you can also make the payment at the bank or Home Affairs office. The online option saves you time when you visit the office or bank.
  5. Booking for biometric registration at your bank or the nearest Home Affairs office is the subsequent step. You will book one among the given list of options where you can have your fingerprints and photo taken. The selected date should be within 60 days of filing the application. Confirm your time of availability to complete the booking. If you fail to book online, you will queue awaiting your turn whenever you visit your preferred branch.
  6. Complete the process by visiting your nearest branch. During the visit, your photo will be taken and fingerprints scanned using a biometric kit. The EFT payment, if not already done online, can be made at this point.

The Home Affairs Department requires 10 working days to process your smart ID. Once it is ready, you will get an SMS requesting you to collect it from your branch.

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