All you need to know about playing and winning Lotto in South Africa


Across the world, lottery games are played for fun but also with the intent of winning a prize. To play lottery games and increase your chances of winning, it is pertinent you understand that there are rules you as a player need to be aware of; probabilities that guide your chances of winning and losing because lotto is a game of chance.

In South Africa, the national lottery launched lotto as it’s first lottery game. The first draw was carried out on 11th March 2000. Lotto used to be played only on Saturdays until when a second weekly draw was set to be held on Wednesdays from October 2001. The numbers to play used to be 6/49 before it became 6/52 in August 2017.

On the 10th of March 2019, daily lottery began.

Lotto takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:56 pm. Each draw has eight prize divisions, including the jackpot draw. You can also play Daily Lotto, which happens every day of the week at 9:00 pm. Daily Lotto has 4 prize divisions, and you are supposed to select 5 numbers from 1 to 36.

Free Lotto has daily and weekly draws. In Free Lotto, you must match all the six numbers from 1 to 75 to win a prize.

Several people have become millionaires since it first started in 2000.

How to play Lotto in South Africa
There are several ways you can take part in lottery games in South Africa. You can play online, at a retailer, or via various banking websites and applications. You can also play via the Lotto app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store using your Lotto log in details. You can play with your smart phone or laptop.
When you play online, your entry numbers are automatically checked, and you will receive a notification if you are the winner. The following process will help you play Lotto online.
Log in to your Lotto account. If you do not have an online account, you have to register.
Select six numbers from 1 to 52. You also have the option to select a Quick Pick for a random set.
You can enter Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2. Remember that you can only play Lotto Plus 2 if you are playing Lotto Plus 1.
Pick the number of draws you would like to enter.
Make payments for the entries.
An email will be sent to you with entry confirmation. The numbers you picked will then be saved in your account.
How to play Lotto at a lottery retail store
There are several national lottery retailers in South Africa. Ensure that you purchase your ticket before the cut-off time reaches. The cut off time for Lotto and Daily Lotto stop at 8.30 pm on the draw day. Follow this procedure to play the game at a retail shop.
Get your bet slip from a lottery shop.
Mark the Lottery Plus 1 and Lottery Plus 2 boxes if you are interested in playing an additional game.
Select six numbers from 1 to 52 on any number of boards you would like to play. You also have the option to mark a Quick Pick for a random set of numbers.
Mark the number of draws you want to enter at the top of your bet slip. You can skip this step if you are interested in one draw.
Make the necessary payments at the cashier.
Remember to indicate your ID number, address, and name at the back of your ticket since the details are required to claim a prize.
Ensure your ticket is kept safely.

How to play via the Standard Bank Website
Log in to your bank account.
Click on the More tab.
Click on Play Lotto.
Select the account you will use to purchase tickets.
Click on the supplementary game if you wish.
Choose the number of boards you wish to play.
Choose the number of draws you wish to play.
Confirm the information then click the Accept terms and conditions box.
Remember that if you are using an Android phone, you cannot select your numbers of choice. You will only have access to Quick Pick.

How to play Lotto at an ATM
Below are simple steps to follow when you want to play Lotto from an FNB ATM. You should remember that ATMs have the Quick Pick option only.
Place your ATM card into the machine and enter your PIN.
Click on the More Options tab.
Click on the Prepaid/Lotto tab.
Click on the Lotto/PowerBall button.
Select the game to play.
Choose the number of boards to play.
Confirm the account number that will be used to pay for your entries.
Pick your receipt.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
What else do you know concerning the lottery SA? Here are some of the most common questions.
How many numbers do you need to win the Lotto?
The Lotto has 8 prize divisions. For you to win the Lotto Jackpot, all the six numbers must match the numbers drawn in any order. The other prize divisions range from 2 numbers with a bonus ball until 5 correct numbers with a bonus ball. The more your selected numbers match with the numbers drawn, the higher the prize.
How much is it to play Lotto?
The entry fee for the Lotto board is R5.00, while the Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 boards each cost R2.50.
How do you play Lotto by SMS?
You need to dial the USSD codes for selected Lotto banks or the National Lottery then follow the prompts. The codes are as follows.
Nedbank: *120*001#
Standard Bank: *120*2345#
FNB: *120*321# or *130*321#
The National Lottery: *120*277#

How do you play national lottery?
You play the national lottery by purchasing a lottery ticket from a licensed retail store, the National Lottery, via online platforms, or using SMS.
What are the most common winning lottery numbers?
16 is the most commonly drawn number after appearing in 263 draws followed by 2, 30, 23, and 8 in that order. 15 and 47 is the most drawn pair in 40 draws.

How do you pick the winning lottery numbers?
These tips will help increase your chances of winning lottery games.
Ensure you have an even mix of odd and even numbers.
Spread the selected numbers across the entire number field from 1 to 52.
Study past lottery number groups.
The sum of the selected numbers should fall between 122 and 196.
Study the repeat hits for past Lotto results.
Study the trend of cold and hot numbers.

What happens when you win the Lotto South Africa?
Lotto winners are supposed to claim their prizes within one year after the draw. The method used to claim the prize depends on how you played and the amount of cash prize won.

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