All you need to know about advanced driving courses in South Africa

As a professional driver, you will no doubt always endeavour to drive to the best of your ability.

However it is also your responsibility to put your advanced driving skills to good use by anticipating the behaviour of other, less skilled, road users.

Advanced driving is described as the ability of one to control both the position and speed of a vehicle safely and smoothly.

It also entails a driver systematically controlling their car, while still paying attention to and obeying the road and traffic lights. There are numerous advanced driving courses that an individual can take.

Are you in South Africa and wondering what advanced driving course to take? In this article, we are providing you with a comprehensive look at the necessary skills, requirements, courses, and costs.

Advanced Driving skills and requirements 

For starters, the conditions and cost profoundly differ. The Driving Organizations and Training Facilities might vary in the approach they use in addressing the advanced driver training and the price for each class. Some training facilities might opt to facilitate training across several roads, which could be quiet roads or roads located in busy towns or city centers.

Others, on the other hand, might choose to limit the focus of the training in a more serene environment. It means that the requirements, skills, and costs of advanced driving course Durban and the advanced driving course Cape Town are different.

Advanced Driving courses 

Here are some of the courses offered in Advanced Driving school:

  1. Advanced Driving & Car Control Course;
  2. Defensive & Fleet Safety Driving;
  3. Track Driving Course;
  4. Skidpan Car Control Course;
  5. 4 x 4 Driving Course;
  6. Launches & Drive Days;
  7. High-Performance Course;
  8. HI – Jack Prevention Course;
  9. Combined Defensive/Advanced Driving Course.

Advanced Driving Course cost

The BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Mini, and Volkswagen car brands grant individuals these car lessons at different prices. These prices range according to the car brand. The BMW charges R2, 950.00, Mini – R1, 410.00, Mercedes-Benz – R3, 970.00, and Volkswagen – R2, 750.00. The South African Ford driving skills for life (DSFL) class is free. The free charges for this class are because this course is part of the corporate social responsibility program of the company.

Lost driver’s license cost Gauteng

There are always searches online regarding what protocol to follow when one loses their drive permits in South Africa. The procedure is straightforward and involves the following steps:

1. Visit the nearest DLTC as soon as possible and carry the following:

  • Your original identity document (ID), a copy of the ID or a valid South African passport and copy of the same.
  • A document of proof of the postal and residential address e.g., utility account. In case the utility bill is not in your name, ensure the owner of the bill makes an affidavit declaring that you live at that address. Also, ensure that the utility bill is attached to the affidavit.
  • If you reside at an informal settlement, you must carry a letter from the ward councilor with an official date stamp, confirming both your postal and residential address.
  • Also, carry four identical black-and-white photographs. However, it is crucial to first confirm with the DLTC regarding how many photos they require.

2. If you are a Gauteng resident, then you should apply online using this link:

3. After that, fill in the form of the Application for driving license (DL1).

4. Proceed to fill in the notification of change of address or particulars of person or organization (NCP) form.

5. This step will require you to go for an eye test.

6. Instead of the designated optometrist, one also has the choice of taking the eye test at an optometrist of their choice. The results must, however, be brought back to the DLTC.

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