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Fiona Viotti (born in 1989) is a South African Teacher and Water Polo Instructor from Rondebosch (Cape Town, South Africa).

She is the granddaughter of Anthony Mallet and her grandfather served as Headmaster of the School. She was a water polo star in her teenage years. She also appeared as one of the beauties featured in Sports Illustrated Magazines in 2009.

While pursuing her career, Viotti forgot the basic ethics of being a teacher. Contrary to these basic principles, she went overboard and crossed her boundaries when she engaged sexually with the boys she taught.

The former history teacher was forced to resign after her relations with an 18-year-old boy at one of the prestigious South African boarding schools where she previously taught.

While it may be understood why boys would be attracted to the ex-model, the allegations are unacceptable, especially for a married teacher. According to the school headmaster, at least several boys have been affected by the ordeal over the years.

The 30-year-old teacher is a sister and relative to some of South Africa’s prominent personalities. Her brother, Greg Mallett, is currently dating Lady Amelia Spencer. Lady Spencer is the daughter of Charles Spencer who is the 9th Earl Spencer.

Fiona Viotti is married to Pavo Viotti. The two got married last year in September 2018 after a long-term dating. Fiona has always been on the limelight considering the fact that she was a teenage polo star.

The ex-teacher images have recently flooded the internet following the scandal that she was involved in a relationship with at least one of the boys she taught. She was forced to resign from her prestigious and well-paying job (£16,000 per year) after the details of this relationship went public.

It was said that she was in an intense relationship with an 18-year-old boy of Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town. This has led to the involvement of investigators who are now preparing a probe further. Her explicit video has also found their way out in the Internet. Online searches on Fiona Viotti Bishops teacher are now common.

While it is now obvious news that can be backed up by Fiona Viotti photos, further details reveal that the teacher threatened the 18-year-old matric student with Whatsapp messages when he tried to break things off with her. Other students who also knew about the affair threatened to come forward with the truth.

This might have prompted Bishops teacher Fiona Viotti to tender in her resignation. She left the school in early October. The school has since appointed an attorney to look into what is termed as gross misconduct.

The investigations are not criminal since the student in question is not underage. However, an internal investigation within the school is crucial and may necessitate stern actions if the teacher is found culpable. The bottom line is that no teacher is allowed to cross certain boundaries. It is unprofessional and unethical.

Guy Pearson, the school principal, released a statement expressing the position of the school. He explained that the teachers in question had resigned with immediate effect and that the school was conducting serious investigations on the matter. It was a matter of time before the findings became clear.

In the latest occurrences, Fiona’s controversial videos have also leaked. According to her lawyer, a video of the teacher has gone viral on a website with erotic videos. There is no social media presence showcasing the teacher’s activities. She has already deleted her Instagram page.

Fiona Viotti’s case is a perfect example of what teachers should never do with their students. Boundaries are always useful. Failure to adhere to these basic guidelines can easily lead to lives being destroyed. Fiona Viotti is a case we can all learn from.

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