All the important Vodacom USSD you should know

As the leading network company in South Africa operating in over 30 countries in Africa, Vodacom has a large customer base.

Thus, there needs to be a way to swiftly and effectively carry out their inquiries and subscriptions. This is where the Vodacom USSD codes come in.

Vodacom USSD codes exist to reduce the burden and time taken for customers to get their problems solved or their needs met.

They provide customers with quick access to services to complete transactions and finish different activities.

This service entails using unique combinations of numbers to access information about your account or carry out a process. It could be to check your airtime balance, the tariff you are on, or even load a recharge card voucher.

The numbers ensure you are served promptly at any time of the day and in any place. The following information describes various codes:

1. Send airtime to someone

The character combination you are required to use is *135*072#. The other person’s sim will be recharged with airtime.

2. Switch tariffs

If you want to change the tariff you are on to another; you dial *135#.

3. How to load Vodacom airtime

You will use the new Vodacom recharge code 136 to recharge your prepaid sim. The old 100 code is no longer in use. You have to dial *136*01*Voucher PIN# so that you load airtime.

4. How to check Vodacom data

Dial *135# and follow the service menu to see the amount of data of have. 135 is also the Vodacom internet settings USSD code.

5. Services menu

You should dial *135# so that you get the services menu. The list has other crucial USSD services from the cellular network provider that you can access.

6. Customize Vodacom call back code

If you want to individualize the Please Call Me text, you can dial *140#. You can add words that will make your identification easier, for example, adding your name.

7. Customer care services

You may want to get information on a particular product from the cellular network provider. You should dial the new number combination, which is *135#, or you can call by dialing 135 on your phone. Remember that the old number combination, which is 111, is no longer useful.

8. Voicemail services

You can listen to voicemails using the new number, which is 132 and not 121. You can leave a voice mail by entering 134SIMDIGITS or you can enter 082 14SIMDIGITS. You should remember that the phone number is nine digits.

9. How to load Vodacom data voucher

Recharge your phone using *136*01*VOUCHERPIN#. You are then required to dial *135#; then follow the menu options displayed so that you can purchase the data bundle you want to use. The amount of data loaded is reduced from airtime for prepaid customers. It is added to the monthly bill of contract customers.

10. How to check Vodacom data

Dial *135# and follow the service menu that pops up if you want to see the amount of data of have. 135 is also the Vodacom internet settings USSD code.

Vodacom airtime check

The new contact number for airtime balance inquiry is *136# and not *100# as you were used to dialing. This is a character combination for Vodacom prepaid customers. Contract customers should dial *135*502# to check airtime balance, which includes the remaining data, voice, SMS, contract plan, among other information.

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