Afrihost packages you can subscribe to and their prices

Afrihost has been the leader of the fiber internet services in South Africa since the year 2000.

It has provided its customers with fast, reliable and swift internet services at affordable prices.

They are committed to serving their users through excellent customer service and packages such as Fiber, ADSL, LTE fixed wireless, VDSL and hosting domains.

Due to their commitment towards customer satisfaction, they have won several industry awards. Here is a list of their packages which they have made available to their users.
Afrihost packages – Uncapped DSL deals
The Uncapped deals under Afrihost are in three categories namely; Home, Premium, and Business Uncapped deals.  The Home Uncapped is applicable for general use, the Premium deal is especially useful when you are playing online games or live streaming, and the Business Uncapped deal is ideal for those who use the internet heavily.

The difference between all of these uncapped deals is that while bandwidth is metered for Home Uncapped, it is not metered for both Premium and Business Uncapped deals. Then, when there is a high demand on the network, the shaping of downloads is semi-throttled for Home Uncapped unlike the case for Premium Uncapped and Business Uncapped.

Another difference is that while Home and Premium Uncapped deals do not enjoy fixed IP, those who subscribe for the Business Uncapped deal will enjoy R50 fixed IP. The following are the various packages available to subscribers:
For up to 1Mbps, you pay R57 for Home Uncapped, R207 for Premium Uncapped, and R317 for Business Uncapped.
For up to 2Mbps, you pay R87 for Home Uncapped, R317 for Premium Uncapped, and R417 for Business Uncapped.
For up to 4Mbps, you pay R157 for Home Uncapped, R417 for Premium Uncapped, and R717 for Business Uncapped.
For up to 8Mbps, you pay R257 for Home Uncapped, R617 for Premium Uncapped, and R917 for Business Uncapped.
For up to 10Mbps, you pay R317 for Home Uncapped, R817 for Premium Uncapped, and R1,017 for Business Uncapped deal.
For up to 20Mbps, you pay R417 for Home Uncapped, R1, 017 for Premium Uncapped, and R1,917 for Business Uncapped.
For up to 40Mbps, you pay R817 for the Home Uncapped, R1, 417 for Premium Uncapped, and then R2,817 for Business Uncapped deal.
LTE packages
Afrihost LTE packages are offered in different sizes. The purpose of this plan is to provide reliable wireless access and high speed in vicinities where the DSL or Fiber coverage is not available.
A subscriber can enjoy 2 options: SIM only or SIM + device. A customer interested in Pure LTE (MTN) SIM Only Packages, can choose 30GB for R199, 60GB for R349, 100GB for R549, or 150GB for R749. There are some devices approved by MTN that can be used with fixed LTE offers. They include such modems as ZTE MF286, Huawei B525, Huawei B612, and Huawei B618.
Subscribers who are interested in getting Pure LTE (MTN) SIM + Device Packages can purchase 30GB for R249, 60GB for R399, 100GB for R599, 150GB for R799. Also the customers will get their router Huawei B525 for R999 saving up to R1,500. Note that before subscribing for any of these packages, you need to first confirm if there is Afrihost LTE coverage in within your vicinity.
What has further distinguished Afrihost is their exceptional approach to meeting the demands of their customers. Interestingly, the company has made available packages to meet your web hosting needs. You can choose from their array of web hosting packages based on your budget.
Afrihost cloud server hosting
Afrihost’s virtual technology and software has made it easy for users to enjoy dedicated hosting at a minimal cost compared to that of traditional physical servers. Without a downtime, their scalable infrastructure makes it so easy for clients to quickly and easily effect upgrades. Besides, they also ensure that every client gets additional resources such as processing power, RAM and storage every time they need them.

Basically, there are four packages that clients can choose from depending on their needs and budget. The first is the bronze package; a user can get this package for R310. The user will also enjoy web traffic of 4TB, HDD size of 100GB, and data transfer coverage of 29c per GB. This package comes with SAN storage type, 2 GB RAM and one vCPUs CPU.
The second package on this list is the silver package. With this package, you will enjoy web traffic of 6TB, HDD size of 200GB as well as SAN storage type. While the package goes for R510, you will also be able to access 29c per GB on data transfer overage, 4GB of RAM and two vCPUs CPU.

The third one is the gold package, this package costs R610. Using this package, a user will be able to enjoy web traffic of 8 TB, HDD size of 300GB and also SAN storage type. Apart from those, the data transfer overage is 29c per GB, CPU is 3 vCPUs, and the RAM is 6GB.
The last package for hosting is the platinum package. Here, a client gets web traffic of 10 TB, HDD size of 500GB and then another data transfer overage of 29c per GB. Also, the storage type is SAN, RAM is 8GB, and the CPU is 4 vCPUs all for R810.

Afrihost Enterprise Cloud hosting package
If you have extensive needs, then you should consider this package. It has every feature and benefit that big server infrastructures have, and the company ensures that every resource that your hosting needs is available on demand. Also, they see to it that there is an optimised network that is attached to the storage to make sure that the content that is accessed most often is available every time there is a request for it.

These packages are also in four options that will appeal to you according to your purse. The first is the Afrihost Bronze enterprise. This package cost R910, and it has web traffic of 10 TB, HDD size of 2 TB with SAN storage type. Also, there is data transfer overage of 29c per GB, CPU of 6 vCPUs, and RAM of 12 GB.

The second is the Afrihost Silver enterprise; it has web traffic of 20 TB, HDD size of 3 TB as well as data transfer overage of 29c per GB. The storage type is SAN, CPU is 8 vCPUs, and also it has a RAM size of 16 GB. It is available for R 1,110.

The third package is the Afrihost Gold Enterprise. With this package, a client gets web traffic of 30 TB, HDD size of 4 TB with the CPU pegged at 10 vCPUs. While the package goes for R1,410, the client also enjoys a RAM size of 24 GB with SAN storage.

The last package here goes for R 2,000. In this package, you get web traffic of 50 TB, HDD size of 8 TB, and 12 vCPUs CPU. The RAM size is 32 GB, and the data transfer overage goes for 29c per GB.

Afrihost Linux packages
This plan is especially useful if you are just stepping into the world of web hosting. The company ensures that you get a powerful hosting platform where you can host your web content and your email. For instance, with the cPanel, you can configure your hosting based on what you need. Then, with Softculous, they make it easy for you to install WordPress and Joomla with no limits to web traffic at your disposal.
There are seven plans in this package, and they are:
1. Afrihost Silver Home Linux
This plan goes for R39, and with it, you get a free domain in the first year which looks like this: The setup is free for you, and you also get unlimited web traffic alongside a storage space of 1,000MB. Then, you will be given 50 email accounts, one MySQL Database and the latest version of PHP.
2. Afrihost Gold Home Linux
This costs R49, and you also get a free domain with in the first year. The setup charge is free, web traffic is without limit, storage space is 2,000MB, and you get 75 email accounts as well apart from one MySQL Database and the latest version of PHP that come with the package.
3. Afrihost Platinum Home Linux
In this package, you get a free domain with in the first year and storage space of 3,000MB. The web traffic is without limit and setup is free. Also, you will enjoy 200 email accounts, five MySQL Databases and PHP latest version. All these benefits are based on the payment of R59.
4. Afrihost Bronze Pro Linux
This package costs R75, and you will get a free domain with in the first year, storage space of 4,000MB, web traffic without limit and free setup. Apart from those, you also get 500 email accounts, 20 MySQL Databases and the latest version of PHP.
5. Afrihost Silver Pro Linux
In the Silver Pro package, you will enjoy a free domain with in the first year, storage space of 10,000MB, unlimited web traffic and free setup for just R109. Then, you will also get 2,000 email accounts, 100 MySQL Databases and the latest version of PHP.
6. Afrihost Gold Pro Linux
This plan offers you a free domain with in the first year, a storage space of 20,000MB, unlimited web traffic and free setup at the rate of R175. Apart from those, you will also get 5,000 email accounts, 200 MySQL Databases and PHP latest version.
7. Afrihost Platinum Pro Linux
Once you pay a token of R419 for this plan, you will get a free domain with in the first year, storage space of 50,000MB, web traffic without limit and free setup. Apart from those, you also get unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases as well as the latest version of PHP.

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