A full biography of Thembisa Mdoda

A full biography of Thembisa Mdoda

If you are a fan of Our Perfect Wedding, then the face of Thembisa Mdoda would not be a strange one to you.

She is a presenter, actress, writer, and singer whose origin is from South Africa. Thembisa Mdoda as a woman has tasted the good and the bad sides of life due to what she has been through. Above all, she still keeps her head high and continues the good work.

Thembisa Mdoda age: 6th of November, 1982

Thembisa Mdoda marriage: She is married to Atandwa Kani, who is an actor. But the unfortunate thing is that they had to call it quits and separated in 2015.

Thembisa Mdoda twins: On the account of her wedding with her former husband Atandwa Kani, there was a set of twin boys that were produced in the process. However, after claims of cheating and the conduction of a DNA test, it was found out that the Kani was not the real father of the twins.


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