A full biography of Mapaseka Koetle

Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong (born 23 March 1989) is a South African actress, business woman and blogger.

She is popularly known for her role as Dintle in the TV series, Scandal! She was listed as one of the 2018 Forbes Africa under 30 list.

The actress was born in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. Just like some other actors, Mapaseka’s dream was to be a doctor, and at a time, she considered a lawyer.

Her passion for becoming a doctor was because of the coat she would wear and then ask people ”wa kola? Are you sick?” But little did she know that destiny had something completely different for her.

As a young lady with a humble background, Mapaseka had always drawn inspiration from her mother. According to her, the mother was so confident about her and would go around bragging about her.

So, out of the fear of not disappointing the woman, Koetle drew energy from that and made up her mind to do whatever it would cost her to succeed. After she finished Tsoseletso high school in Bloemfontein, she decided to learn more about acting.

Mapaseka did her first year in the School for the Creative Economy popularly known as AFDA, but because it was costly, she had to embark on some researches.

It was in the process that she eventually moved to City Varsity, which was where she had her Acting for Camera qualification in 2011. Then, she launched out in theater after she landed a role in the hit play “Show Off” as ‘Lesedi’.

Within four years, Mapaseka was decorated in 2015 with an award as the Best Support Actress of Royal Soapie award.

There was a bundle of joy in the family of the Nyokongs when Koetle welcomed her first child in September 2016. The baby girl, Nema, derives her name from the first two letters of her parents’ names, which are “Ne” from Nelson and “Ma” from Mapaseka.

Mapaseka’s entrepreneurship journey began after she gave birth to her first baby. Home alone, her husband would call Gorge (a franchise then) while away to make breakfast and lunch for her, and in the process, she fell in love with the Gorge brand.

When they began to consider a business of their own, the thought of starting a restaurant did not cross their minds, even though Mapaseka’s husband has a background in the restaurant business.

Nevertheless, they kept exploring new opportunities. Then, Mapaseka Koetle and her husband found out that beloved brand Gorge was selling a franchise, and that was how they bought it for them. The franchise is called Gorge Grab n Go café.

Mapaseka has also been proud of her mother. Apart from pushing her to strive for excellence in life, she ensured that there was always bread on the table for the children, despite the family’s financial difficulties back then.

Mapaseka Koetle has achieved a milestone since she set out in her acting career. Apart from finding fulfilment in what she does, she maintains a lot of focus and ensures that her family remains on top of her priority list.

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