A detailed biography of Arthur Fraser

A detailed biography of Arthur Fraser

A detailed biography of Arthur Fraser

Arthur Fraser is a man who has been rocking the news stories recently. However, you may not know a lot about him and that is not your fault. He keeps a very low profile because of the nature of his work.

He was born in Cape Flats to a typical family. He was one of the six children that his parents had. His mother was a factory worker while his father was a teacher.

He was then transferred to the immigration branch of the Department of Home Affairs. He served as deputy director-general for the national immigration branch. After one and a half years, he was re-appointed to the NIA as the deputy director-general in charge of offensive and counterintelligence operations.

Arthur Fraser family

Arthur Fraser has his family caught up in some of his shady dealings.

Arthur Fraser’s wife, Natasha Fraser, became the director of a security company by using her maiden name Taylor, which is suspicious. However, that is not all. The security company received 240 government payments amounting to R 7.4 million after she had resigned.

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