How to send ‘Please call me on’ MTN network

If the truth must be told, MTN is one of the leading mobile operator in South Africa.

The telecommunication company have waxed stronger over the past years, providing customers with the best and most innovative network services.

But most time due to insufficient airtime people still find it hard to reach their love ones. Other than the internet, calling, and normal messaging services, the company also offers callback services.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to get across to someone without having airtime on your phone, you can always send “Call Me Back” message to the person at a free cost.

Here is how to use the callback option on this network:

MTN callback- How to send a Please Call Me on MTN

To use this feature, dial MTN Please Call Me USSD *121* receiver’s number# where the recipient’s number is the mobile number of the person you want call you back. An example would be as follows *121*082 112 2334#. A subscriber can send a total of 5 free callback requests every day to other users in South Africa and abroad who are using any network and not just MTN.

Managing call back MTN

As it is with most free services, some people end up abusing the Please Call Me MTN feature. But hey, do not worry as there are several ways to play around this and limit it from becoming a nuisance.

How to personalize the callback feature

  • Dial *121# and then select option 1 (personal name) followed by the first option (enter or change name) which will prompt you to insert your name. Upon completion, press OK.
  • The rationalization feature can be used only once a day. So, make sure you use the correct name as you can only change it the following day.
  • Moreover, you can use up to 10 characters when editing your name with this feature; however, no spacing is permitted but one can use a comma, full stop, or dash to separate your name.

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