5 most ranked medical aid schemes in South Africa


5 most ranked medical aid schemes in South Africa

These are vital information that you should know so easily as health is wealth. To know the cheapest, richest, best, and poorest medical aid schemes in the country.

We bring you the full information of everything you need to know about all categories.

Best cheapest medical services:

The following are details about Bonitas service that you ought to note:

  1. Has a total of 13 plans which are organized into 9 different categories known as schemes.
  2. The package includes a cover of free deliveries as well as treatment of between 27-60 chronic diseases.
  3. You get free cover for any children that you have above 3. This means that you only pay for three children.
  4. It comes with managed care for chronic diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes just to mention a few.

You need to pay different primary member contributions for each plan you choose. The plans for this program are as follows:

  • Boncap – R1009 – R2456
  • BonEssential – R1477 – R1731
  • Primary – R1904 – R2240
  • BonFit – R2027
  • BonSave – R2486
  • Standard – R3080 – R3556
  • BonComplete – R3581
  • BonClassic – R4470
  • BonComprehensive – R6438

2. Discovery medical aid: The scheme has close to 3 million beneficiaries. It is organized as follows:

  • It has 27 plans across the main 7 schemes it is categorized in.
  • If you choose to be on the Discovery Health Medical Scheme plan, then you get to enjoy no overall limit. In addition to that, all plans are accepted in almost all private hospitals.
  • Users have access to screening that allows for the early detection of diseases. This allows you to continue accessing daily coverage even when the annual threshold has been reached.
  • Day-to-day Extender Benefit. This means that users can continue accessing medical services even when their savings have been depleted.
  • Partners with Discovery bank and Vitality rewards programs. This should give you confidence that chances are they will never run out of funds.

Now that you know what to expect, the following plans are a breakdown of the expected costs depending on which plan you settle for. The costs refer to contributions that you will be making as your primary member contributions.

  • Key care – R839 – R 2249
  • Smart – R1285 – R1794
  • Core – R1543 – R2248
  • Saver – R1915 – R3021
  • Priority – R3010 – R3501
  • Comprehensive – R4026 – R5368
  • Executive – R6541

3. Fedhealth medical aid: Fedhealth medical aid has several plans that you can choose from. These are:

  • Maxima Exec – R5336
  • Maxima Exec Grid – R4750
  • Maxima Plus – R8354

4. Momentum medical aid: Momentum serves 284,400 members. This accounts for 5.8 percent of the open care sector and 3.2 percent of the total market share. The plan is organized to offer the following:

  • 33 plans in 6 categories of the scheme
  • Offer preventive care and screen for early-disease detection
  • There is no yearly limit for when one is hospitalized
  • Comes with a plus package which is the health saver that makes it possible to save for a health care plan.
  • Take care of 26 – 62 chronic illnesses.
  • Partners with Momentum Multiply rewards program.

This said the aid has different costs for different scheme categories. These are as follows:

  • Ingw
  • Impact
  • Custom
  • Incentive
  • Extender
  • Summit

5. Medshield: With 50 years’ experience in this industry, you can be sure that you will be getting one of the best services in the country. It is able to do this through its plans which include:

PremiumPlus. These targets families and corporate members.

  • MediCore. This plan best suits anyone looking for an unlimited in-hospital cover with the ability to foot higher costs for certain procedures whenever the need arises. It is perfect for the young.
  • MediSaver. Excellent for the independent-minded folks. Helps when it comes to unlimited in-hospital bills and allows you to manage your out-of-hospital costs. Comes with an additional maternity cover.
  • MediBonus. Works for people that do not want any worry about hospital expenses hence are looking for comprehensive coverage. It costs more than the ordinary tariff rate though.
  • MediValue. Perfect for first-time coverage seekers, especially those that are young. They get to enjoy unlimited in-hospital coverage with out-of-hospital services offered on specifics.
  • MediPlus. This cover is the answer to the middle and upper-level earners. It allows for bot unlimited in-hospital coverage and a range of out-of-hospital services.
  • MediPhila. This is the plan that gives you and your dependents peace of mind as far as matters of health and medical coverage are concerned.

With this ranking list, we believe you should get the best health service you need.

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