Check out the latest highlight of Suidooster Teasers for May 2020

If you have been watching your favourite shows on Netflix, you might want to switch things out a little by blending in a show that you can relate to.

If that is your choice, you might want to check out South African soapies like Suidooster. If you have no idea what the show is about, have a glimpse of Suidooster teasers for May 2020.

Did the last episode of Suidooster leave you in suspense? If that is the case, you might want to consider checking out the snippets of the Suidooster teasers for June 2020.

Stefan and Michelle Gerber, a third family, relocate from Gauteng to live with the Du Plooy family. Their presence means more problems for the people of Suidooster.

The romance, comedy, politics, revenge, and mystery in the telenovela make it worth watching. You will be shocked at the new turn that the show has taken.

The sweetest parts of May episodes

Check out the highlights of May’s episodes below.

Friday: 1st May 2020 (E 1008)

A guest will make Bridgette’s life a living hell. Will Kaashifa find Sylvia? Kate is stuck in a lonely world.

Monday: 4th May 2020 (E 1009)

Bridgette cannot get over her past. Kaashifa intensifies that search for Sylvia. Who is Mrs. J’s new ally? Ty seeks remedy for his poor eyesight.

Tuesday: 5th May 2020 (E 1010)

Bridgette’s housemates are concerned about her new friend. Genda has a vision that may be a sign of forthcoming doom. Ty is considering getting eyeglasses. How long will Kaashifa’s solution to her snake problem last?

Wednesday: 6th May 2020 (E 1011)

The unexpected happens to Wade. Kaashifa is uncomfortable when she meets Junaid. Nazeem has important secrets to tell Ty. Bridgette uncovers the truth, but it breaks her heart.

Thursday: 7th May 2020 (E 1012) 

Bridgette needs to risk losing everything to solve an urgent issue, and Tim protects her from messing up. Junaid puts his plan into action. Zoe cannot trust Glenda.

Kaashifa’s love life is blossoming

Kaashifa’s romantic life is adorable.

Friday: 8th May 2020 (E 1013)

Bridgette is about to throw in the towel, but Tim keeps her focused. Kaashifa’s relationship can be described as the couples’ goals. Why does she feel guilty when she thinks about Sylvia?

Monday: 11th May 2020 (E 1014)

Ty’s eyesight is deteriorating. Bridgette is behaving strangely, and her family is worried about her. It is up to Junaid to choose whether to believe Kaashifa’s confession or not.

Tuesday: 12th May 2020 (E 1015)

Bridgette has several solutions to her problems, but none of them is the best. Kaashifa’s love life creates more trouble for her. Ty’s family and friends have to bear with him and understand him during this toughest moment of his life.

Wednesday: 13th May 2020 (E 1016)

Ty goes for eye testing. Why is Bridgette feeling guilty? Kaashifa is in a dilemma.

Thursday: 14th May 2020 (E 1017)

Kaashifa changes her mind. Reality dawns on Ty, and that upsets him. Bridgette seeks to break away from enslaving emotions.

Mrs. J has ultimatums for her daughters

Mrs. J’s daughters cannot believe their mother’s request.

Friday: 15th May 2020 (E 1018)

Ty is having a hard time. Kaashifa is looking forward to the end of her difficulties. The daughters of Mrs. J are startled by their mother’s peculiar demand, and Bridgette cannot think straight.

Monday: 18th May 2020 (E 1019)

Bridgette makes her mother understand the motives behind her actions. Wade is anxious about Ty’s health, and Kate receives good news.

Tuesday: 19th May 2020 (E 1020)

AB and Mymoena are not pleased with how Mrs. J’s is handling everything. Everyone at Suidooster is curious about the new developments. Tim is pushing for proactive progress.

Wednesday: 20th May 2020 (E 1021)

Mrs. J gives her daughters an ultimatum. Kate starts to write her novel despite the obstacles. Wade makes a sacrifice to hire a medical specialist for Ty.

Thursday: 21st May 2020 (E 1022)

The results from Ty’s eye test are out. When will Mrs. J and her daughters ever agree on something? Kate gets the right inspiration for her novel.

Friday: 22nd May 2020 (E 1023)

Kate hopes to get positive feedback from her second story. Ty is behaving unusually, and Mrs. J has isolated herself.

Who Ruiterbosch’s new face?

Tension fills the air when someone arrives at Ruiterbosch.

Monday: 25th May 2020 (E 1024)

Ty is optimistic about his fresh start. Kate has to choose who between her friends deserves her loyalty. Bridgette does something worth praising but things turn against her. Ruiterbosch welcomes a familiar face.

Tuesday: 26th May 2020 (E 1025) 

Why is Bridgette at crossroads? Nazeem has so much to gain from her situation, and he is set to strike when the iron is still hot. Kate’s writing is heading in the right direction. Sadness is looming over Lee-Ann.

Mrs. J doubts her faith

Will Mrs. J’s betray her faith?

Wednesday: 27th May 2020 (E 1026)

Ty receives support from everyone close to him. Chris plots to hurt Glenda, and Mrs. J doubts what she believes in.

Thursday: 28th May 2020 (E 1027)

Chris and Zoe advise Bridgette to keep an eye on Glenda. Mrs. J is on a mission to rebuild Henry’s reputation, and Tim is prompted to confront Wade.

Friday: 29th May 2020 (E 1028)

Bridgette is relieved after telling her family how Glenda and Nazeem deceived her. Ty needs surgery. Kate is not confident about her next story.

What is happening to your favorite Suidooster actors?

Ty and Bridgette are going through a lot this month.


He has to undergo eye surgery. He relieves his frustration upon his friends and family.


She is not happy with her sister’s return after many years. She schemes on how to compel her to leave Suidooster for good.

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