Everything you need to know about Hungani Ndlovu

Hungani Ndlovu is a South African actor, dancer, and presenter. He plays Romeo Medupe in the South African soap opera, Scandal. He is a passionate actor, and he hopes to pass on his skills to the younger generation in his country via artist development workshops. He has shown his involvement in youth foundations aimed to help aspiring new artists in South Africa.

Hungani Ndlovu profile summary

Full name: Hungani Ndlovu

Year of birth: 1994

Nationality: South African

Marital status: married

Profession: actor, dancer, presenter

Instagram: @hunganindlovu


Things you should know about Hungani Ndlovu

1. Hungani Ndlovu Scandal: He plays the role of an actor named Romeo in the soap Scandal. Romeo from Scandal is a mischievous and troublesome character who falls in love with Ingrid, who happens to be Stephanie in the show. Romeo Scandal role exposed him much to the limelight.

2. Hungani Ndlovu wife: He is married to the lovely Stephanie Sandows, a fellow co-actor in the soap opera, Scandal. They met on set and starting dating. His wife is three years older than him, but that is a non-issue as both acknowledge their love for each other

3. Hungani Ndlovu abuse: During his stay in America, he suffered abuse from his girlfriend. The girlfriend was reported to have hit him severally. He never hit back as he said that he could never hit a woman. After coming back home, he revealed his unfortunate encounter under the arms of a woman he loved.

4. https://youtu.be/zq293gK4TfE

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