20 perfect wedding venues in Bloemfontein

20 perfect wedding venues in Bloemfontein

It becomes more memorable when you make plans to create a scene and event that is so beautiful. It is almost a dream for every intending couples to give their wedding vows in front of family and friends sitting comfortably.

Not taking us too far, we bring to you the 20 perfect wedding venues that will create the perfect scene you’ve always wanted from the movies.

1. Pepper Tree Venue and Guest House: Located at Plot 5 Kenilworth, the calmness and beauty there bring one of the perfect scenes for marriage ceremonies. It is one of the best when it comes to giving people comfort

2. Pepermossie Venue: Located on the outskirts of the city, Pepermossie Venue gives such a brilliancy for wedding celebrations and conferences. Taking your wedding vows where the trees are greener and birds sing brings a romance that will serve for a long time.

3. The King’s Heaven: The quietness of this venue gives it uniqueness for your wedding. It has two gardens for weddings and other events. It is located just 9 km from the city of Bloemfontein.

4. Goosehill Wedding and Guest farm:  One of the best you can have your wedding is at the Goosehill Wedding and Guest Farm which is 8km from Bloemfontein city.

It creates such an amazing scene of a farm wedding with friendly staff ready to serve you always.

5. Haldon Estate Country Lodge: With an accommodation space of 150 guests, Haldon Estate Country Lodge remains one of the best wedding venues in the country today. Their catering amenities and services are also top-notch in the country with modern equipment that fulfills your dream.

6. Ilanga Estate: Ilanga Estate is one of the venues that provide a 100% satisfactory job for you as they cater for all you need and make you feel like you’re from a kingship lineage.

7. Summerwood Country Estate & Guesthouse: Just what you want is what they give you at Summerwood Country Estate. They bring uniqueness to their customers’ delivery.

8. Tuscan Rose:  Looking for a peaceful space to take your vows, Tuscan Rose brings a breathtaking scenario to take your vows. The beautiful green gardens and the traditional French setting makes it one of the top wedding venues in the country.

9. Hearts Desire Venue: Here at Hearts Desire Venue, we have staff ready to go beyond just to ensure you have a stress free wedding.

The venue is big enough to accommodate 300 guests with a special garden that serves the eyes something pleasing.

10. The Warm Karoo: Carefully arranged for your taste, The Warm Karoo is one of the top wedding venues in the taste. Both their small and large gatherings

11. Kopano Nokeng Lodge: At this amazing center, they are built just to deliver the best to you. They made sure all facilities needed for the day are available and ready for your use.

12. Emoya Luxury Hotel and Spa: Adding an amazing spa to what they do, they provide the best services to you. Their staff is so friendly and ready to serve their customers.

13. Vanilla Sky: This pleasant video is situated along the Walter Sisulu road which can host up to 200 people. The lawn was designed perfectly for your event and to bring your fairy tale marriage ceremony to reality.

14. The Monte Bello Estate: If you know a wedding happens to be one of the most special days of your life, they provide the best services to fulfill that here. They go the extra mile to ensure to make sure your event is perfect just as you dream it. It has the capacity to hold 500 guests.

15. The Willows: They are designed to make all your wishes come through. They provide accommodation for overnight guests and also deliver South African dishes to your satisfaction.

16. Sandstone Sleeper Estate: This building has an equal capacity of 540 in their two chapels. The first has a capacity of 200 people while the other can hold 340 people. The building comes with the main hall which has a thatched roof and amazing sandstone walls. Only when you pay there a visit can you see the amazing chandeliers which give it such a brilliant color.

17. Bloem Spa Lodge: Here at Bloem Spa Lodge, couples get to choose their menu, and the kitchen staff help in preparing it. they also offer to make up and style the bride. Side attractions like bridal showers, bridal accommodation, spa treatments, and wedding night accommodation come with this amazing offer.

18. De Oude Kraal: At this amazing event center, they offer the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs filled with lawn with shrubs, flowers, and trees. They also offer an amazing reception at the same location.

19. Leopards & Lace: Leopards and Lace offers one of the best wedding experience as they make sure they give you your satisfaction before going.

20: Slightly nutty: This amazing building is just 5gms from Bloemfontein Airport. It has the capacity to accommodate 150 guests. Many couples have testified to the excellent delivery of this service. One of the offers received by the bride is to get a free consultation, wedding and catering services, and decor services.

Choosing a site is based on factors such as budget, number of guests and the theme of the wedding.

These top wedding venues Bloemfontein make the work of choosing your perfect venue easier

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