11 best volunteer organisations in South Africa

South Africa is an ideal country to volunteer in. There is great need for volunteers as countless NGO’s are working hard each day to improve the lives of formerly disadvantaged communities or to preserve nature.

Volunteering is generally considered a charitable activity where an individual or a group of people provides services for no financial or social gain to support another person, group, or organisation.

Volunteer work is also well-known for skill development and often intended to promote kindness or to improve human quality of life.

There are numerous fulfilling volunteering opportunities available, from social welfare and education to eco-tourism and wildlife conservation.

Volunteers can make a valuable contribution in many different facets, including childcare, teaching, social, environment, and medical placements. Here is a list of non-profit organisations in South Africa you can help.

Volunteer organisations Cape Town

Below are some of the volunteer organisations based in Cape Town.

1. Stay Africa Volunteers

Stay Africa is one of the best organisations in Cape Town. Volunteers can make a valuable contribution in and around Cape Town. Stay Africa focuses on programs such as marine life, street animals, wildlife conservation, community, childcare, social work, education, special needs, sports, healthcare, and medical training. As a not-for-profit organisation, run by the staff of the local communities, they have extensive knowledge of the various communities of Cape Town and South Africa.

  • Facebook: @stayafrica.org

2. Via Volunteers 

Via Volunteers are based in Cape Town, South Africa. It began in 2013 with a firm focus on ethical volunteering. To date, they have hosted thousands of volunteers from more than 60 countries. Through Via Volunteers, you can have a rewarding and meaningful experience in South Africa taking part in the community, childcare, wildlife, and conservation projects.

3. Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers is a well organised, cost-effective aide organisation instituted in the year 2009 in New Zealand. It is one of the cheapest organisations running volunteering work opportunities in South Africa. Their focus is to empower people so that they can contribute to the development of developing countries. The organisation attempts to make differences by offering development programs, training skills, stimulating local economies, and creating opportunities for people from different cultures. It specialises in animal rescue, childcare & development, education support, environmental conservation, medical internship, social welfare, sports development, surf & adventure, wildlife conservation.

  • Phone number: +64 98 880 575

4. GoEco

GoEco is an excellent organisation to check out if you’re looking for an exciting volunteering opportunity in South Africa. As a participant, you will have 24-hour support from the GoEco team, from start to finish. Top activities include wildlife and animal conservation, marine and coral reef conservation, medical and healthcare, community aid and development, teaching English, and volunteering with children.

5. Naturally Africa Volunteers

Naturally Africa Volunteers supports programs in many areas of interest such as teaching, medical volunteering, sports coaching, community outreach, and wildlife and conservation. Aides who are interested in a short-term volunteer project (2-3 weeks) will primarily be involved in NAV’s Wild Coast School Project. This project places supporters in underfunded rural South African schools supporting full-time staff and volunteers.

Volunteer organisations in Soweto

Below are some of the volunteer organisation based in Soweto.

6. Soweto Volunteer Project

International Working Holidays established the Soweto Volunteer Project. Its mission is to help and improve the life of orphanage children. It is one of the key volunteer organisations in Soweto. Volunteers need to be flexible and open to be able to assist with various projects’ needs. Working for Soweto aid project will pull on your heartstrings and is guaranteed to be the most satisfying experience. You can live your contact details on their website and they will send you more information.

  • Website: iwh.co.nz
  • Phone number: +64 96 660 192

7. Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers

Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers is one of the community volunteer organisations in Soweto that partners with Hero Holidays to offer a valuable and responsible volunteer program. The sole purpose of the project is to match your skills to the community. If you would like to share your skills or to acquire valuable experience, Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers can assist you to spend some rewarding weeks or months with the Mandela Kids in Soweto.

Volunteer organisation in Johannesburg

Below is one of the best volunteer organisations based in Johannesburg.

8. Door of Hope

Door of Hope offers shelter for abandoned babies and aims to reunite them with their families. The organisation also makes adoption arrangements to place these babies into loving homes. The application process is quite strict but once successful, aides can work directly with children at the Door of Hope Village. International volunteers are also welcome to lend a helping hand to these kids. Opportunities include feeding and playing with the children.

Volunteer organisations in South Africa

Below are some of the volunteer organisations based in South Africa.

9. Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteers (AV) is a registered U.K. charity organisation that offers high-quality, low-cost travel experiences throughout Africa. This organisation concentrates on volunteering, tourism, and development work. Agape Volunteers are committed to changing the world for the better through the delivery of significant volunteer programs in South Africa. AV has supported humanitarian efforts and environmental conservation projects ranging from medical volunteering, teaching, and volunteering with wildlife.

  • Website: agape-volunteers.com

10. South African National Council for the Blind

Volunteering with the South Africa National Council for the Blind is a rewarding experience as you’ll get to meet interesting people and work as part of an enthusiastic team. People can help with events, raising funds, spreading awareness, reading to the blind and taking them on excursions, or offering expertise to staff.

11. Izizwe Program

Izizwe consists of several programs all run and supervised by the local Izizwe aides. The following programs include a holiday program, sports program, basketball, swimming program, toothbrush program, adult literacy, basic English tuition, CV & interview training.

  • Phone Number: +27 (0) 63 373 3661

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