10 best work from home jobs in South Africa for moms

Between feeding, bathing, and playing with your kids, it’s hard to imagine adding another job to the mix. But having another job on top of your full-time mom duties is a great way to give your family extra income.

The problem exists even more among single mothers, who struggle singlehandedly for the good of their young ones. Also, not all moms can afford house helo payments.

In some cases, even those that can afford to hire house help prefer to work from their homes instead to monitor everything as well as make extra income from home South Africa.

The internet is increasingly becoming a pool of scammers, even as the freelancing market continues to broaden.

For this reason, moms should always beware of too good to be real online work from home jobs that promise easy-millions.

So, what are the best legitimate work from home jobs in South Africa 2020? Listed below are the top 10 jobs you should watch out for:

1. Try transcribing for cash

Busy moms can stay at home and still afford a decent lifestyle by listening to audios and converting the same to written texts. The fact that Mzansi is an English speaking nation makes transcription a perfect alternative for work from home moms South Africa. This job is preferably for mothers with an eye for details and enough time to sit for extended hours. Transcription guarantees an hourly pay rate ranging between $7 and $21.

2. Become a remote proofreader

Moms that love reading with a reaching ability to spot errors on texts may consider turning their skills into a full-time job. Proofreaders are always on high demand, whether on part-time or full time. Proofreading comes handy when seeking for work from home jobs Durban. Experienced proofreaders take home between $1, 000 and $4, 000 monthly.

3. Provide virtual assistant services

Work from the place of your comfort as an assistant offering various services such as email management, graphic design, bookkeeping, social media manager, and content creation. This is one of the lucrative remote jobs South Africa that can earn you up to $100 hourly.

4. Earn big as an online writer 

If you have a thing with writing, it is time you convert it into a paycheck while dressed in your pyjamas. Freelance writing comes with great opportunities for moms to tap extra pay on a part-time and full-time basis. Writing is preferable because you can adjust it to fit perfectly into your routine schedule. Working as a full-time writer can earn you up to $60,000 annually or even more.

5. Blog for a living

Blog about what you love to do most and make sure to attract extra pennies. Moms can tap into this opportunity as passive workers or full-time workers. Get as many people to read your articles to increase your pay scale from ads. Interestingly, blogging comes with diverse opportunities and unlimited earning potential.

A successful blog can see you becoming an affiliate while at the same time partnering with several companies. While a blog is challenging at the start, it is an excellent lifelong avenue of creating stable cash flow. An average blog can earn you about $50,000 monthly.

6. Become an online tutor

South Africa is a heaven of local and international e-learning opportunities. It is for this reason that online tutoring stands out as one of the most promising legitimate work from home jobs Cape Town and other leading cities across the country. Graduate moms can embrace this opportunity and become online English instructors and mentors. Tutoring is prevalent because it takes up minimal time in your schedule.

7. Become a paid social media manager

If you are a mom that hardly logs out from social media, you could turn your passion into another income stream. Skillful social media managers are handy for advertisement firms and other influencer based projects. Social media comes with endless opportunities for those that can amass sufficient influence. Accomplished social media managers have a monthly earning potential exceeding $2,000 a month.

Moms that have expertise in design software such as InDesign, Photoshop, and illustrator can attract huge profits with their skills. Virtual graphic designers pocket up to $200,000 and more based on the level of experience and pay policy of their clients.

9. Complete surveys for money

There is no better work from home South Africa opportunity than getting paid to share your opinions in surveys. With thousands of brands now on the rise to tap into newer markets, you will be sure to build a sustainable career in the niche. You can take home more than $100 a month, completing easy survey questionnaires.

10. Become a consultant

There are several people in South Africa seeking expert opinions in almost every aspect of life. Moms can take advantage of this vibrant market by positioning their skills and brand to attract well-paying customers. Start by reaching out to your potential customers by enlightening them about what you do best. It is a matter of days before you get your first client knocking. Consultancy ranks top on the list of stay at home mom jobs Cape Town.

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